Expert Witness

Barbara Jane Moores, President and CEO of BJM & Associates, Inc., has been an experienced industry leader in the employment field since 1971. She is experienced in employment evaluations, vocational witness, vocational evaluations as well as a vocational expert. She is qualified as an expert witness to testify as to the employability and earnings capacity for matters involving:

  • Personal injury
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wrongful death
  • Domestic relations
  • Employment law

Ms. Moores is a well-known vocational consultant who is highly knowledgeable of today’s labor market, wages/compensation, and current employment trends. As a testifying expert witness in state and Federal Courts, she has assisted both plaintiff and defense attorneys with objective expert opinion, testimony, analysis, and strategic consulting services.

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Mrs. Moores may be contacted for economic and vocational evaluations at:

Barbara Jane Moores

BJM & Associates, Inc.
190 W Lowry Ln., Suite #120
Lexington, KY 40503

Phone: (859) 223-3000

Fax: (859) 223-5456

Email Mrs. Moores Directly

Year Court Case Name Hiring Attorney
2016 Fleming Court Ritchie v. Holiday Inn Express John Morgan (Morgan & Associates)
2016 Laurel Circuit Court Greer v. Greer William D. Elkins
2016 Fayette Circuit Court James Tate, Jr. v. Labor Works Derrick Stanton
2014-2015 Logan Circuit Court Aaron Morris v. MBI Edwin A Jones (Boehl, Stopher, & Graves)
2014-2015 Western District of Kentucky
(Federal Court)
Daron Gregory v. MBI Edwin A Jones (Boehl, Stopher, & Graves)
2014 Pike Circuit Court Maynard v. Maynard Anita Britton (Britton, Osborne, & Johnson)
2012-2014 Fayette Circuit Court Ronald M. Jennings v. Drayer Physical
Therapy Institute of Kentucky
Michael J. Cox
2012 Fayette Circuit Court Powers V. Powers Crystal Osborne
2012 Fayette Circuit Court Sarah Welleford Crystal Osborne
2011-2012 Jefferson Circuit Court Larry Jackson v. CSX Transportation Matthew Dowling
2011-2012 Jefferson Circuit Court Robert Reed v. CSX Transportation David Hungeling
2010 Franklin Circuit Court Hammond v. Hammond Crystal Osborne (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2010 Fayette Circuit Court Hayes v. Hayes Anita Britton (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2009 Fayette Circuit Court Aubrey v. Aubrey Mike Judy
2009 Madison Circuit Court Micek v. Micek Walter Ecton
2009 Fayette Circuit Court Mitchell v. Mitchell Anita Britton (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2009 Scott Circuit Court Olga Nichols Sandy Dawahare (Dawahare & Kershaw)
2009 Fayette Circuit Court Wood v. Wood William Arvin
2008 U.S.E.D. KY Court Byrd v. Comair Walter Ecton
2008 Fayette Circuit Court Milton v. Milton Valerie Kershaw
2008 Jessamine Circuit Court Pigg v. Pigg Crystal Osborne (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2008 Fayette Circuit Court Scott, Katrina Eileen O’Brien (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2007-2008 Kenton Circuit Court Shearer v. Shearer Mike Judy
2007 Fayette Circuit Court Gisela Malluche Anita Britton (Stoll, Kennon & Ogden)
2007 Fayette Circuit Court Montgomery v. Montgomery David Graves
2007 Pulaski Circuit Court Loretta Thacker Lori Shelburne (Gess, Mattingly)
2006 Fayette Circuit Court Alison v. Alison Anita Britton (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
 2006 Fayette Circuit Court Christina Bell Martha Rosenberg
2006 Fayette Circuit Court Ramsey Bell Bo Fugazzi (Bowles, Rice)
2006 Fayette Circuit Court Mary Creacy Linda Covington (Gess, Mattingly)
2006 Fayette Circuit Court Belinda Green Martha Rosenberg
2006 Montgomery Circuit Court Sandy Moore Eileen O’Brien (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2006 Pulaski Circuit Court Martha Morgan David Wolfe (Wallingford Law)
2005-2007 Jefferson Circuit Court Dena Whited Mike Judy
2005 Fayette Circuit Court Jennifer Byron Stokes Harris
2005 Fayette Circuit  Court Doukas v. Doukas Anita Britton (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2005 Fayette Circuit Court Ecton v. Ecton Sandy Dawahare (Dawahare & Kershaw)
2005 Jefferson Circuit Court Geer v. Geer Mike Judy
2005 Franklin Circuit Court Green v. Green Mike Judy
2005 Knox Circuit Court Kumat v. Lohe Sandy Dawahare (Dawahare & Kershaw)
2005 Woodford Circuit Court Miakecha Shands Mike Judy
2005 Fayette Circuit Court Zimmerman v. Zimmerman Anita Britton (Stoll, Keenon & Ogden)
2004 Boyle Circuit Court Michelle Hendren Valerie Kershaw
2004 Franklin Circuit Court Sheilds v. Shields Valerie Kershaw (Dawahare & Kershaw)
1999 Fayette Circuit Court Davis v. Davis Catherine DeLoach (Lois T. Matl & Assoc.)